fbpx Jesuit Social Services - 40 years

 “Our 40th anniversary is an exciting milestone in our history and development. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on our work with people who are most marginalised in our community, and look forward with hope and courage, as we strive to build a just society.”

– Julie Edwards, CEO of Jesuit Social Services

What do our first 40 years look like?

Since 1977, Jesuit Social Services has grown to deliver an array of social change programs across Australia. Discover our unique approach to social justice, which keeps us going where the need is greatest and working to solve the toughest social problems.



Discover 40 years of Jesuit Social Services through interviews and stories with our current and former staff, volunteers, participants and supporters.

Archie Roach and Senator Pat Dodson inspire at Jesuit Social Services' Annual Dinner

On Saturday night (March 25) we welcomed more than 530 guests to celebrate 40 years of Jesuit Social Services at our Annual Dinner held at Melbourne’s Sofitel. The event was attended by past and present Jesuit Social Services CEOs, board members...

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Throughout our 40 years as a Jesuit organisation, we’ve followed the Ignatian philosophy of living ‘with one foot raised’. This means we have one foot grounded in relationship and our 40 years’ experience; and one foot raised, ready to respond to new and emerging needs. We’re committed to building a just society, in 2017 and beyond.

According to St Ignatius, a Jesuit is one who is to live ‘always with one foot raised, ready to hasten from one place to another, in accordance with our vocation and our Institute.’ – Ignatius, Letters Vol 2:581

Learn more about our Jesuit heritage on our History page.